Commercial Defit

MLT1 is a leading commercial strip out contractor in Sydney with extensive expertise and have over ten years of experience in doing this work.

We have stripped out every form of retail shop and commercial premise from apartment buildings, industrial building through, Office Strip out to office floors. With our extensive demolition experience, we have an extremely good understanding of how Sydney buildings and interiors are constructed.

We have worked closely alongside the best builders, architects and engineers to make sure that structural integrity is maintained at all times during any strip out process. Leave it to us to also liaise with the relevant local authority, if required.

Heritage Building Experience

Working in Sydney on commercial defit tasks, you can encounter work on heritage listed projects which cause another layer of complexity. With our years of experience, we understanding what can and can’t be demolished and this experience is paramount for the successful outcome of these types of projects. Some heritage situations are not always obvious, as we have encountered scenarios where even things like screwing into structural beams is not permitted due to heritage restrictions. Understanding these limitations is an important role for MLT1 can assist with in your heritage project.

Interior Deconstruction

We prefer to look at demolition and defit work as deconstruction. This implies a high level of duty of care and onsite management.  Taking into account variables like; other trades, neighboring businesses, hazardous substances, dust, noise, logistics of rubbish removal etc.

There is a lot of in-depth planning to stripping out an office floor or retail space, than just taking a sledge hammer to walls and fittings. The dangers involved call for meticulous planning.

MLT1 takes the safety of not only our staff, other workers on the site, but also surrounding properties and those inhabiting them extremely seriously. This is just one reason why you should call us today to discuss your next project with the Sydney defit experts.

Clients can be assured of a high-quality strip out program that can be tailored to suit any restricted timetable and project restriction. The ability to meet client expectations every time is one of the major reasons for MLT1’s respected standing in the demolition and interior defit industry.

Despite MLT1 having the latest of machinery, specialist equipment and experienced staff, we offer extremely competitive rates and get the job done professionally every time.

We are the leading experts in returning work environments ‘Back to Original State’. This is known as 'defit' and  we are well known specialists in this work & manage every part of your De-Fit or end of lease make-good task.  We are experienced in managing all matters from start to finish, from the initial inspection for quote through to the handover,  our experienced team of professionals are highly skilled and equipped with the latest equipment. Our extensive experience and latest equipment making the job quicker and safer for all parties.

As part of our defit service, we collaborate directly with the tenant and the property manager or landlord to ensure that all works meet each parties expectations. We ensure all work carried out is in strict compliance with the building’s or strata managements Tenancy Fit Out Guide.  From big jobs to small, flooring or HVAC and building  services required, we manage all matters needed to complete the task.

Hazardous Materials and Certification

Like most demolition work, doing interior defit work sees from time to time the need to remove hazardous materials. These can include asbestos, chemicals and the like.

We are fully licensed with WorkCover NSW for demolition and asbestos removal. We hold current Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance with the added coverage for asbestos.

MLT1 is registered with the Department Of Environment and Climate Change for the tracking and transportation of asbestos. All staff are trained and also accredited in the safe handling and removal of it.

All staff have completed an Occupational Health & Safety Induction course and are fully accredited. At all times a WorkCover NSW accredited and approved Demolition Supervisor is on site during demolition work and asbestos removal process.

Areas Covered

MLT1 do defit projects all over the Sydney NSW Metropolitan area and its outlying districts.

Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you get started on your interior defit and rebuild without delay.

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